Monday, 14 November 2011

Try Something New - Week 2 update

Well end of week 2 of the challenge, noticed a few changes in the week. I took a different route this week to keep the scenary interesting, this is the back of wembley stadium (looks like a space ship landed)......

I've been more determined and focused to do things, wanting to make the most of time. I have been working on getting my website updated, and taking pictures of new work. 

Noticing more things about the environment on the walk, birds singing and chattering to each other - they seem to be really loud in the morning.  We have a bakery about 4 miles from us and you get the smell of cakes and biscuits in the air.  I am aching a bit more, but trying to keep a steady pace and stretch after the walk.  Wanting to tie up loose ends and make sure that I am up to date with my tasks that need to be sorted and generally work harder, again having to be flexible in my approach realising I could quite easily talk myself out of the walk, so I still need to make sure I have what is necessary to get up and out each day. 

Feeling like doing some gardening, tidying up and getting it ready for the winter period, we have our garden waste collected each week so I can get rid of more stuff for composting, with all this mild weather need to take advantage of it!   It's Sekani's birthday today he's 16 years old, and celebrations will commence for him on Friday. He has just finished his exams.  Looking forward to week 3 revelations!  Do let me know how you are getting on in your challenges.

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  1. Hi Amanda, what a great post.. Seems like you had a lovely walk, hope you get to garden a bit before the weather takes over.. THANKS SO MUCH for stopping in.. I love your space here, so inspiring.. Officially following you with smiles.. I look forward to more blog fun with you : )) TY again.. Wishing you an amazing midweek.. ~M

  2. Congrats on your challenge and Happy Birthday to Sekani, bet the best present was the end of exams lol thanks for sharing x

  3. Marylyn, thanks for your visit, the walking is good, haven't stepped foot in the garden yet, though been looking at it through the window, lol, sunday looks promising though!

    Jenni, I'm glad I did this challenge, it's been an inspiration in many other ways, Sekani says thanks for the kind birthday wishes. He's glad to have finished the its the course work to get done! memories..... Blessings for the weekend.

  4. Wow! Great photos ~ You have been one busy lady ~ challenging yourself at visuals especially ~ thanks for coming by ~ good to 'see you' and that you are being creative ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^ ~ (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF

  5. Love your photos Amanda! Hi, I'm searching blogs this eve and found you...I love your blog and concept! I am now you new follower. Please stop by to visit us and become our follower too...we would love having you join us! I'm taking a bit of time off, but don't let that stop you...we have fun hear and want you to join our family of friends and share your creativity too! Have a great weekend and Holiday. Hugs, Loretta

  6. Mine's going good! I shared about it Wednesday. Sorry I forgot to check in here and let you know. I appreciate having the accountability.
    My Blog

  7. Dearest sweet amanda, your photos of your neighborhood are just gorgeous! I adore those birds at the roof top. :) Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!


  9. Loretta thank you for your visit and following. I stopped by you blog and found it very inspiring great to connect.

    Catherine, check out your post, like the idea of walking in the home, your house sounds great!

    Jaqueline, bless you we seem to be having an increase of birds in our area, love their morning song.

    Soraya, thanks for passing by, blessings.


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