Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Try Something New - Week 3 Update

I am astounded at how quick the week went, I thought I'd get this update done as I go into week 4.  I tried to vary the time of my walks to see how I felt, and did an evening and afternoon walk.

I realised I prefered to hear the birds tweeting rather than the traffic, and you notice how many people are on the road and it then doesn't become a peaceful 'alone with my thoughts' activity, so the verdict is that either walking first thing or walking at lunch time when there is a bit of sunshine all helps to make an enjoyable walk.  I am also beginning to feel that 'have to get out urge' rather than forcing myself to get my things together, and when I do get that feeling of not wanting to go out, even with all the preparation, I have to remind myself it's only 10 mins in one direction then back!

This week I took a walk round where my mother lives in Camden.  It  brought back childhood memories of me standing on my mothers balcony which looked onto the main road.

I'd sing songs I made up hoping a record producer would hear me as they drove by....I was determined to be spotted, and sang at the top of my lungs;

I'm only 11,11, 11 but what's the use, use, use of me trying to get in show biz,
wow oh wiz you never see me crying,
wow oh wiz I'll never stop trying.......

I would sing on the balconly mostly at the weekends. Funny I am not sure what the neighbours thought, I never knew if they complained the only one that did complain was my little brother who would tell me what an awful voice I had, (brothers eh)!

My mothers estate backs on to two film studios.  On Monday I was in the process of going for my walk and putting out her recycling in the boxes which overlook the studios in my 'never wear these out on the streets, unless it's dark and no one can see you tracksuit' and who should drive up through her estate to the studio but Gok Wan, who glanced at me as I turned, I had to laugh as he had the look of 'you'd be just right for my extreme Makeover show' on his face.  Anyway...not to be deterred by my momentary embarrassement I strode off, vowing to myself that I would get a decent tracksuit to do my workouts in.

There are a lot of squirrels still to be seen, not sure if they are confused by the mildness of the weather and are eating up all their spring store or if they are still collecting for the winter.

Working on challenges to come....trying to get things organised such as website, goals and dreams for 2012, the thought of making 12 changes in the year that are lasting and will make a difference in my life is quite exciting.  I have been taking part in the Art Every Day Month on my other blog, will be updating some of the work I have been doing for the last few days, and have been doing some more backgrounds.  There is still so much to see in regards to the plant life, lots of bright blooms still on show;

and some rather unusual looking mushrooms growing on the grass..

but the changing of the leaves have been spectacular to see;

Roll on week 4 need to start thinking what challenge December will bring, what do I want to try?  What change do you think you would like to challenge yourself to making? Blessings for the rest of the week.

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  1. Oh, I have walks similar to yours!
    I love the idea of your list...really a great idea! I would like to write a book~ I would like to get my work in downtown gallery.
    I hope 2012 will be filled with reaching for the stars and attaining some of those wishes!

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words! I owe you a huge email, maybe a book ;D Life has been a bit crazy, lately! You keep reaching! xXx


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