Thursday 29 March 2012

A Friend Remembered

It doesn't feel like a year since my friend Barbara passed - 
Sunday 25th March 2011. 

 It's amazing how quickly the time passes.  I remember exactly what I was doing the day I heard, and sometimes not thinking about it makes it seem unreal and you hope will wake up from a dream....

Life is so fragile, we don't know when our time will be up, but we can make the most of today, be an inspiration, a blessing, make the seemingly impossible possible, and make the most of those dreams.  We also have to treasure the relationships we share with those we love!
All things are possible. As we step out in faith on a daily basis to make a difference we see how we can be better than we were the day before.  My prayers go out to the family and I know that Barbara would be proud of them, they have all continued to be an inspiration and a blessing.  

Here is Samara, Chanel and Jordan (Good News)
being a blessing with their voices...


  1. You were blessed to have a good friend in Barbara.

    My mother died almost a year ago. I know the feeling.

  2. Hi Amanda .. I'm sorry for your great friend's loss - someone young and vibrant .. it is so sad. As you say we must make the most of ours and give compassion and care to all - we never know what is going on within their souls ... with thoughts at this time .. Hilary

  3. Susan, She was indeed a blessing, sorry for your own loss.

    Hilary, bless you for your comforting words. Hope you are well.


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