Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Clearing the Clutter Challenge Revisited

Since coming back from holiday I have wanted to keep the clutter free environment going and thought it was time to renew my clearing the clutter challenge.  I started it in January this year and there are still quite a few things on the list that needed to be done.  Over the years I’ve collected quite a few products and then bringing stuff back from the holiday I felt a clear out was definitely in order here. When I got everything out it wasn’t as bad as I first thought.  I had recently had a make up clear out and just had the basics in the bag.

I went though the body products, it is always great to try something new and experience different scents, but I ended up having too many to use as I didn't throw away anything.  I cleared out the old products and got the basket below to keep the things I wanted to keep to hand and use more regularly, the other things were stored in a draw.  

I have the regular sized products I use and the smaller travel size for when I’m going away 

Scented candle supplies

After clearing the body products from the draws I found some lovely spa products, lush soaps and fizz bombs that I had brought.  The plan is now to make more fuss of myself and have regular special spa treatments with the products and scented candles. Next on my list to tackle will be my art materials!

This has been a great excuse in giving my creative self a little bit of extra TLC that it deserves!!
What is your favourite bath treats?

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