Thursday, 14 February 2013

Gratitudes - Sleep


A good night’s sleep gives me the start I need for the day and allows me to fill it with challenging activities...

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. I'm thankful for protection a couple days ago on a seven-hour trip on my motorbike. I made a wrong turn and ended up on very steep and broken-up roads. This could have been very dangerous, and was certainly hard on my hands, one of which has badly damaged tendons. But I made it through without accident, and without negative after-effects. (AND, I learned the right way in so I don't make the same mistake again.) I am very thankful.

  2. I'm thankful for the sunshine today ... it's so welcome after several gray days. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Julie, very thankful that you are safe. Blessings for the weekend.

    Footprints, love it, sunshine always makes you feel great!


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