Friday 1 February 2013

Making time for Art

I have been busy in my studio space of 8 months, and doing a happy dance every time I remember how far I have come from the edge of my kitchen table.  With that aside I have neglected sharing some of the larger pieces art work I have done.  I have been working regularly in my Art journal, not really doing much writing in the journal which I leave to my 'morning pages', but using the journal to explore techniques and smaller pieces of work.

I am also working on submitting work for an exhibition entitled: Art and Healing The deadline for sending in your applications is 15th February, so you will need to get a move on!  I have been wanting more and more for my work to tell a story and be encouraging, whether it has the words of encouragement weaved within the paint layers or open to interpretation by the viewer.  The work I'm working on for submission combines some of the writing that I share about my role as a carer last year.

Here are snippets of some of my most recent pieces to see the full image check out my mixed media art site

Getting your wings

In thought

Working through the midst

Home from home
I hope you are able to spend time being creative this weekend!  Blessings

1 comment :

  1. Beautiful ... your work "says" so much! Love it! :-)


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