Saturday 16 February 2013

Leaping into the Unknown?


It is always a great idea to take a stock of where you are, where you are going and where you want to be.  This is key especially if you have set some goals, and dreams that you want to see fulfilled.  We are coming to the end of February and if you take your eye of the ball you'll turn round and see that Christmas is not far off and you won't know what you have accomplished.

I am not about to give you any tips or hints about the 'Top Ten Things' that you should be doing to maximise your time, or the 'Amazing Systems' you need to have in place.  All these are useful tools that you need to put in place in order to see any change.  You do need to be expanding your mind, reading and learning from those that have gone before.  But I think that you already know all this.  My guess is that you've been holding yourself back for one reason or another, or haven't quite come to terms with the fact that you really are able to make changes to your life and you've just been waiting for permission to take that step for whatever reason!  Sometimes you find making those changes harder than you thought, you come across rocky ground and suddenly those old way of doing things really does look appealing.

Taking the leap
As I sat thinking about the things I needed to do, I realised all those plans that I had got excited about at the begining of the year, things I wanted to learn, experiences to put in place, I realised they seem to get lost in 'stuff'.  I had taken my eye of the ball and drifted down a different road, and I could walk away from my dream and continue down this road or do a U turn and get back on track committing myself to something that will bring me closer to my goals.  Generally speaking I feel that I have quite a good sense of direction and can work out where it is I need to be, but every now and then you find yourself drifting, and loosing sight of things, but you have to learn to pull yourself back into check.  

This year one of the things I wanted to learn was how to work the video camera so that I could start showing some of the processes I use in my art.  I had all the excuses ringing in my ears as to why I shouldn't and  What I decided to do was just to go for it anyway.  Once I worked out where I needed to have the camera placed, and what angle looked better the only thing to do was to press record.  I didn't have to worry about anyone else seeing it, it didn't have to be perfect in anyway, all I needed to focus on was what I was learning and the new doors that open when we acquire new skills.

What has to change is our approach,  know what you want to do, acknowledged the fear of not maybe knowing exactly how things are going to turn out, but go for it anyway.  I took the leap and didn't worry whether the videos came out the way I thought they should come out, but just wanted to have fun and knew that I could learn the necessary skills.

We often stop ourselves from doing something because it doesn't turn out the way we feel that it should, despite it being our first time, feeling that we should immediately be the experts.  We begin to compare ourselves with others and wonder why our efforts don't look like theirs,  forgetting that the more you practice the better you get, and the more skill you ultimately acquire until it's the way that you envision.

With that being said, with no one stopping you but yourself don't let another day pass by without doing something that will get you closer to your dream.  

What is it that one thing you should just take that leap and do?

Blessings for the weekend!


  1. Great post, Amanda. Definitely we should all be focused on taking goal-important actions as often as possible. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

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