Friday, 10 May 2013

Ultimate Road Trip - Post A to Z Road Trip

'I know what we are going to do today' said Phinius to Ferb

It has been nearly two weeks since the last A-Z April Challenge post and I have been meaning to spend the time visiting some of the other blogs that I didn't have a chance to visit during April, there are so many inspiring blogs out there and we got to sample over 1000+ of them, so I decided to join the Ultimate Road Trip, if you want to join you can sign up on the link above.  Every Wednesday and Saturday I will be sharing some of the blogs from the challenge that I have visited and leave links for you to have a look as well.

I find after the challenge I tend to do a lot of reflecting and often need to take some time out.  I have been trying to decide what I was going to start sharing on my blog, what I aimed to achieve for the coming months and things that needed to be put in place - and there has been a lot of stuff!  Essentially though,  I have found this month for me has had an emphasis on the building of relationships.  This has become increasingly important and whether you see the person all the time or whether you connect online building up the relationship takes time and effort on both parts, but can be so rewarding.  It was great to visit new blogs and share posts and comments, all which were encouraging and supportive!

I have also noticed other things that have come out of the challenge and that is confidence and peace.  I am organising my studio and have lots of work that I managed to complete as part of the challenge that probably would not have been finished, and this has spurred me on to try and do more with the things that I create.  I am also in the process of doing some technique and instructional videos that show you a painting from start to finish.  In my treasures post I am reminded that we all do have so many treasures locked away inside that we need to dust off, because someone somewhere around the world is waiting to be blessed by that very talent you took for granted, and you need to just go for it.  The words for my challenge for April are words that I think we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time, speaking them into our lives, and this month the celebrations will continue as there are more talents and abilities to uncover.  If you didn't get a chance to see all my posts for the challenge you can click on anyone of the words below.
For those of you who took part in the A-Z Challenge Woven Tale Press are offering fellow A-Z'rs an opportunity to appear in their online magazine, you can submit up to 3 posts. Click on the image to see their latest issue.
Hope you have a blessed weekend

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