Saturday, 4 May 2013

Reflections on the A - Z Blogger Challenge 2013


Another action packed, fun filled, stress and laughter inducing, insightful, touching and meaningful month was had in April.  Whilst I am relieved that the A-Z blogging challenge has finally finished, it feels like there is a big hole left - which will be quickly filled visiting those blogs that I didn't get to see..

I will start out by saying a big THANK YOU to Lee and all the team of Ambassadors and Co-hosts that helped, supported, cheered by the side lines as we rolled out our posts and left encouraging comments.

For my challenge I had decided that it was to be a celebration of life, I listed a range of encouraging words that I would talk about, we often don't get to celebrate our achievements, shining the light on our gifts, staying motivated to keep going.  Being a creative can be an isolating journey but its the collaboration and connection and network that you can find to participate in that makes it so rewarding.  On top of the encouraging words I decided to push myself and complete a series of paintings and journal pages, it became challenging towards the end but I am so glad I kept on going.  It was great to be able to visit so many more participants and I was able to share the links of some of the other participants whose blog began with the letter for the day, there are still a few to visit, but I can take my time now.

Two highlights happened in April I was able to share the news of being chosen to participate in an Art and Healing Exhibition  (running until 5th June 2013) showing the ways in which art can be used to impact on health and well-being.  And the other highlight was meeting up for the first time with Hilary from Positive Letters, - she came to the opening of the exhibition, and I shared this in my Relationships post.

All in all it was an enjoyable month, I really glad I participated for another year, many connections were made and I look forward to keeping in touch with new found friends.  If you were thinking of joining in and didn't  I recommend that you get ready for next year, you will not look at your blog in the same way and definitely get more out than you put in.  I am looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead and look forward to seeing you on the journey!

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