Thursday 13 June 2013

Gratitudes - Art Journals

Art Journals - my visual adventure.  I try out new techniques, play, gain understanding, support and encourage myself to be the creative person I feel I have been called to be.  I am grateful that my art journal doesn't judge or remind me of my areas of immaturity but encourages me to be my true self and enjoy the journey!  What are you grateful for today?


  1. I love art journals too. Today I'm grateful for friendship, and good health.

  2. Wonderful post, yes, friendship and health all two great things to have in life.


  3. Hi Amanda .. it will be fun to look back and see your creation, see where that creative spirit leads you - fascinating to look at them ... enjoy these 'experiments' ..

    I'm just happy I'm moving forward and now being able to clear some things up - so I have a 2nd bedroom and not a junk room! I've a friend from SA arriving next week for the tennis - and I'd love that sun to stay out!!!

    Cheers and pleased to see the post - been thinking about you .. Hilary

  4. I am grateful for my husband, who just had new tires put on our car and then paid $40 to have the car cleaned, waxed and polished. Nothing says love better than that.


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