Thursday 25 July 2013

Gratitudes and Celebration Journal - Week 3 - Take the time to Enjoy

Gratititudes and Celebration Journal - Week 3....

Take the time to enjoy the little things in your life or you'll miss them reminds me to look carefully at all the things I do and celebrate them.

Here is the page once I have noted some of the things that I celebrate and am grateful for....

What are you grateful for this week, and what one thing can you celebrate about yourself?

Blessings for the weekend


  1. I love your journal entries ... uplifting and positive! Your work is so expressive ... it gives me a sense of calm and joy! Thank you for that! The one thing which I'll celebrate about myself is that I simply "am". There is such joy and beauty in each day ... I feel lucky to be alive and able to enjoy it all!

  2. I love the green butterfly - such a bright and hopeful colour and its wings sparkle. I am grateful for the interview you did with me and posted on your Wordpress page. Thank you Amanda; good to have this connection with you.
    Also my book was yesterday listed as a finalist in a big book award.

  3. I am getting into art journaling ang this is amazing! I too like the butterfly and the theme. Nice work!


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