Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Gratitudes and celebration Journal - New beginnings

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After a year of writing on a weekly basis those things that I am grateful for I thought I would start creating a gratitude's journal.  It is easier to look back at the months and see those things that I was grateful for alongside a piece of creativity.  We don't have to have a reason to create as it is a form of expression, so all the more reason to do something.  I will create a weekly page and show you the before and after and write something that I am grateful for and something that I am celebrating.  I am showing up on these pages for myself, as a reminder to how precious my life is, and as a reminder that 'All things are possible', we just have to step out each and every day!

I have made the journal from fabric and enclosed a selection of cards all different sizes as signatures, they are quite thick card so will take watercolours and any other mediums.
Cards made into signatures
Here is some of the detail from the journal.  I have used cowrie shells, beads and seed beads and attached them to the different types of material used for the journal.
 It is a chunky journal and I have used a ranged of different types of material and embellishments including buttons and ribbons.
Back view of the Fabric journal
I hope you will join me each Friday and share what you are doing, comment, link your posts and just have fun.

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