Friday, 12 July 2013

Gratitudes and Celebration Journal - Week 1 - Shine some light!

Here is the first week of my Gratititudes and Celebration Journal.  I really enjoyed creating this page, we don't need a reason to be creative, and I intend to 'shine some light' into all those places that need reviving, restouring, nurturing each and every day.

 Here is the page once I have noted some of the things that I celebrate and am grateful for....
What are you grateful for this week, and what one thing can you celebrate about yourself?

Blessings for the weekend


  1. It's beautiful and makes me smile! :-)

  2. It's wonderful.
    The thing I can be grateful this week is although on Sunday it will be fifteen years since I lost my mother,I am grateful for all the love she gave me and the wonderful gift of life.

    1. Wishing you strength and love as you remember your mother.

  3. It's nice to see you adding more and more gratitude to the page. Today I'm grateful that I've managed to increase my bone density using a natural product (Strontium Plus).

  4. Hi Amanda .. I love your creativity and thoughts about life .. today I'm going to enjoy some friends coming to stay (my godaughter and her mother)and then a family party this evening .. barn dance on the lawn below the Downs ... and I just have to say I'm glad I didn't cross when the hoover decided to flunk out - for whatever reason ... hoovers and I have had a fun year!

    Cheers and enjoy the sunshine ... with your mother, or out and about with the family ... Hilary

  5. What I am always grateful for is people who put their all into walking their talk, and you dear Amanda are a marvelous example of that, especially with some of the steep hills you've had of late.


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