Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kew, and Following your heART - some new work

I had a great day out with my sister and cousin yesterday and we spent the day at Kew Gardens. 

We had been blessed with tickets by Cooltan Arts - A mental health and arts charity, who were able to bring a number of people together to enjoy the day as well.  They do really great work and I recommend that you check out their website.

I love going to Kew Gardens, there is such a peace about the place and the displays are great, and you could definitely spend the whole day there!.  I always bring my camera and end up with some beautiful images of some of the flowers on display.  

Yesterday was no exception we strolled around and there was much sharing, laughter, reflection as it had been a while since we had spent time together in a relaxing environment, the sun was warm and there was a gentle breeze so walking around was a pleasant experience.

We all agreed that spending time in a relaxing environment was an important part of impacting on mental health and well-being.  I have also been busy in the studio, which is a necessary part of my day, experimenting with techniques which I will share over time.

From time to time I share work here and on my Mixed media art site, so you have a choice of places to go.  Going to Kew gardens and spending time in a natural environment reminds me to pay attention, not only to my surroundings but to my choices. It is important to spend time reflecting each day.

I feel that immersing myself in my work and continuing to develop and hone my style is important, I love being creative, and trying new things, seeing how different materials work together, and seeing the fruits of my effort. Find out what sparks your creative juices and do more of it.

So, I will continue to follow my heART and paint, draw, sew, craft and keep on doing work that makes my heart sing, what will you be getting up to? 

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  1. Hi Amanda .. that's just great that you had the opportunity to go to Kew - I must go back sometime .. I need a day to do that from here .. I might make it next year. The grounds are just stunning aren't they ... and I love the photos you've taken ..

    So pleased you're out there creating and inspiring for you and for others ... sounds such a lovely day the three of you had together .. cheers Hilary


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