Thursday, 7 August 2014

Why August is one of the best months!

I think that August is one of the best months there is, I know those born in the 11 other months might have an alternative view, but when you really sit down and think about it you will have to agree that August beats the rest hands down.

Ok I guess I am going to have to clarify my comments, but think about it - with August your in the height of the summer, all the flowers are blooming, it is associated with holidays, the schools are off, you get to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones, the bbq's come out and the air is filled with laughter, Pimms and dogs barking playfully!

What if it were all possible?

I don't really drink Pimms and we don't have a dog, but it is a restful month, one for reflection before you get back into the back end of the year with September.  Another reason, and you probably guessed from the start is that I was born in August, and therefore have a birthday coming up.

It is going to be a big one and I have been reflecting on where I am in my journey, how far I have to go, what twists and turns are coming up, sometimes I feel as if I am one of those people with spinning plates and I have to keep them all going, and you are constantly looking to see if there are anymore plates that will be added.  I don't think I will have anything big, but celebrate with family and friends, something small...thought the 'Kensington Roof Gardens' would have been a lovely venue and is on my wish list!!!  I have restarted my exercise routine, and have promised myself that I will treat me as if I were my best friend rather than taking myself for granted, let alone let anyone else.

There are a few more weeks to go and I will be doing something special online during that week here on my blog, so do come back.  I have been playing with supplies and have made this journal, quite a playful journal will see me write my dreams and visions and hopes for the future within its pages..

Celebration playful Journal
It has a piece cut out of the front cover and I drew and pasted a picture there. It is a ring bound journal and the flowers and butterflies are made from fimo clay and it has fluffy wool and wooden beads decorating it!

Inside is a mixture of watercolour paper and decorated paper to use as the mood takes me.

The bird at the back is a reminder to let go of those things that you have no control over and focus on shining that light, and asking that question...'What if it were all possible'!....yes August is one of the best months cause I was born..Blessings to all, and what ever month you were born in you are pretty special as well!


  1. Great post especially love the part about the bird representing letting go off the past.

  2. Hey Cilla, thanks for passing by, I do love birds in art work... it is so important to let go and move on.


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