Sunday, 21 September 2014

Listen - Mixed media art painting

I love music, a range of  and know that music has a healing effect on our bodies.  Here is a painting that I have been working on.....

Listening to the sounds

To the beat, the bass, the balance....

The sounds that make you bounce, make you sway and tap your feet...As you close your eyes feel the rhythm, as you let yourself go...... moving - the two step shuffle...

Listen to the Sound - Mixed Media Painting
Music that can take you away, uplift your spirits, make you laugh, and cause you be filled with emotion you shed a tear. 

 I would like to encourage my son Sekani to keep playing the piano and sharing his gifts.  He is brilliant at learning new songs and composing his own and I want to encourage him to take the next step in his music.  Take a listen to some snippets that he has put on his instagram account, and show him some love!


  1. I can almost hear her singing.

  2. Awesome work on these faces. They have the feeling of enjoyment.

    1. I really do enjoy creating them, I want their stories to come out in their faces. Will have to stop by to see how you are getting on with your art journals!


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