Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sing your Song - What untold stories are waiting to be told?

Singing your song

‘it’s time to sing, let it out, lift your voice as you tell your story and the hear the song - let it be told.  Listen to the sound of your voice’...Realityarts

This painting started off as a journal page, but then it took me in a different direction.  I had been thinking about all those untold stories that we have within us and how art and creativity can say so much, without words, using texture, colour and imagery.

We all have a story to tell and often so many of the stories go untold.  If we are fortunate we will have the chance to look back over old photos, or in a gathering someone remembers something and you get to reminisce of those times.  Our stores don’t always tell of happy joyful times, but of sadness, trial and hardship, but they are our stories.  

When I look at my mum I know that she has within her untold stories of her journey, her fears, her love, her life before she became a mother, and then later as she started a family and saw them grow.  It is hard to capture her thoughts on her life now as she is unable to use the words she wants, she still tries to communicate how she is feeling, disjointed unrelated words flow out of her mouth, and you see her listening head leaned to one side.   I sometimes wonder if it’s like talking to someone in a language they don’t understand and the frustration that can come as communication is difficult and the other person doesn't know what you are saying...

But despite this she still has songs of joy, there are still so many stories to be told and what we have to do is take time to listen, piece them together and share them.  As I tell my own stories I want them to be passed down the generations, to be remembered. I have to remind myself to listen to listen to what my heart is really saying, to not get lost in the stuff, the circumstances and doubt, but to hear the songs of promise, grace, understanding, peace, love, trust and truth.

Let your voice be heard, tell your story, sing your song and understand your journey.... Blessings

Sing your song - tell your story


  1. as always.. a beautiful post.. eloquently written.. indeed inspired :)

  2. I feel so grateful to be able to read your "always thought provoking" beautiful words and to come here and see your amazing artwork that speaks so much to my soul. You are a true blessing Amanda! Hugs, Rasz

    1. Rasz, you are an encourager! thanks for the visit and hugs to you tox

  3. Such a touching post, it so reminded me of my mother in her last months of life. She couldn't come out with the right words but I would listen very hard as to what she would say and could usually put it to gether. Some times she would revert back to her childhood and call me one of her sisters names and then start talking about what they were doing or going.......I miss her so much. Thank you for sharing.


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