Friday 19 December 2014

Gratitude's and Celebration - Week 67 - Shine Your light

When we switch on the light or lamp we don't try and hide it or put it under cover, we don't put our light under the bed but we use it to illuminate the room.  When we think about all of the lights that are in our home we use them to allow us to see better, to locate those things that are hidden or out of view and to enable us to do other activities as well.  

As this light shines it not only shows us the thing that we are looking for but it also shines on other things as well.  If we wanted to focus the light we might use a torch or spot light, but generally speaking the main light is the one that will brighten the whole room.  There are some things that we don't want in clear sight and we might put them away in draws and wardrobes behind doors that invite a peek or we hide them behind other things.  As a collector of things there comes a point where you have built up layers and layers of things and barriers build up stopping the light from reaching the four corners of the room.

The bible tells us that we are to shine our light and my understanding is that we have to be all that we are created to be, without hangups, doubts, insecurities, and fear, and where these things are present then we have to work at doing something about it.  We have all been given talents, abilities and gifts, some of which we haven't yet seen manifest, we are to make sure that we are using and making the most of them, we shouldn't hide them under stuff or the cares of the world, we can't lock them away and pretend we don't know we have them, carrying them around in your bag or backpack afraid of your potential.  

When we are using our gifts talents and abilities it can impact like the torch on specific areas at a time or as with the main light switch in the room it can impact on many people from different walks of life and in different ways all over the world - look at the many gifted and talented people that have impacted on the world that spring to mind and have inspired you.

I hope to shine my light through my art and my words bringing meaning, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and also to be effective in helping others to think about what they have been gifted with or to work on those things that they have been yearning to do in their hearts giving them the courage to make that step,  I think we all have that ability to inspire someone else and we can't take it for granted.

As you learn to shine your light and be more than you thought you could be others may try to stop you and those who will want to accompany you for the ride, but more often than not it is the journey that you have to make by yourself discovering your strengths, you have to be willing to do the work and take the necessary steps to get to that place where your insecurities no longer stop you but enable you to soar!

I am grateful and celebrate today the light that I carry within me, one that we all carry and it is our responsibility to use the talents that we have all been given to help others and be a blessing to others. I hope as always that my words carry encouragement and that when you have read this post that you feel encouraged to shine your light, to think about how much more you could get from your life if you turned it up a notch.  What ever has been laid on your heart in a years time you will have wished that you started right now!

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