Thursday 4 December 2014

Wanted in Paradise!

It has been nearly 2 weeks since we have been back from Barbados, and it feels like longer, and a million miles away.  I thought I would share some of the pictures to warm up your cold December evening, and share some of the good news that accompanied the trip.

It wasn't a trip that we had planned, having been on holiday 2 months before, we were settling into our day to day routine, then came the call...

The BBC were putting together a series about people who had been considering returning to sunnier climbs and we were chosen to visit Barbados again to see if would be something that we considered doing.  The program 'Wanted in Paradise' is loosly based on the 'Wanted Down Under' series.

We were blown away by the opportunity to really see what it would be like living in Barbados, which allowed us to escape London for a week to see what things that we would need to think about and put into place.  This was an emotional journey as it meant having to think about those things that you take for granted, like being around family and friends, making your home in an unfamiliar environment and the ups and downs that goes with it.

We stayed in a really lovely beachfront apartment called Inchscape, and the week was spent meeting a range of different people and getting a side to the island that you don't usually think about when on holiday. 

Sekani got to visit the University of Barbados, and spoke with the Dean, and Alan met two head teachers and took his e-safety and cyber bullying program and ran a session in two primary schools.  It was an eye opener to find out how much they knew about e-safety and the work that is being done in schools at the moment. 

I got to meet the  Pamelia Brereton, the President of the Barbados Alzheimer's Association  and found out about the work that they are doing, and how I could possibly use some of the experience that I have gained from working with the Arts and Healthcare.  It was great to talk to Pamelia, who was able to relate to my situation with my mother as a carer, and gave some great advice.

President - Pamelia Brereton
I also got to spend the afternoon with English Born artist and author Janice Sylvia Brock, who spends half the year here in the UK and the rest in Barbados.  

She had a beautiful studio and home and it was great getting to talk to her about her work and what inspires her, living abroad, as well as sharing with her some of my own art work.  

Entrance to Studio
Janice's studio which also serves as a gallery space is so light an airy with some great sea views, I would love to have a creative space like this! day!

To see more click on this image

As we shared our love for the arts, it was great to hear about some of the ways in which she supports some of the different charities on the island.

We viewed 3 properties to see what kind of budget we would need to purchase a home, and made a comparison between the cost of living in the UK and Barbados to be able to judge objectively whether it was cheaper home or abroad.

Other highlights on the trip included spending time with Alan's cousin Mike and his wife Denise, they are a great couple who run Value Vacations travel agents in Barbados, and they are doing their bit giving back to the community with a variety of different ventures.

Alan with his cousin Mike and Denise

Sekani turned 19 years old in Barbados and we spent time with family and friends, it was his first birthday away from home, and we missed family and friends in the UK.

I have a lot of thinking to do, in order to make a decision, with no direct family in Barbados, and looking after my mum a priority, I have many tough decisions to make that will effect many people and can't be made lightly. 

Sea views

 Barbados has so much going for it, and a great environment, to inspire creativity and we have met a lot of lovely people!

Sunsets are beautiful!

The program will air in February 2015, to find out what we eventually decide you have to watch the program!, I will give you a heads up when it is on.

For now, stay blessed and be a blessing!


  1. Hi Amanda - gosh what an opportunity and how great that you as a family decided to take the BBC up and see what you felt like, and then what happens ... lots to think about.

    When I was in SA - I always felt I was away from 'home' .. ie the culture and the opportunities in Britain and Europe .. but being in Barbados .. you'd be near the Americas and the culture there.

    It sounds like you certainly met with the right people ..but as you say it's a wrench and your mother is a major priority ... I can certainly see the draw. Good luck .. but what an amazing piece of decision making ... oooh I wonder what you'll do ... interesting ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, it was like a whirlwind, and we packed so much into the week, so much to think about and get our head around!


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