Thursday, 8 January 2015

In the News - The Real Art of Street Art!

In the News!

Out and about taking mum for a little stroll I was quite taken aback with how much Street Art there is around Camden, and had promised myself that when I got a chance I would take some photographs.

Mum wrapped up and keeping warm as we stroll around Camden.

Our stroll provided the opportunity that we needed.  The rain had stopped and it is surprisingly mild for the year, so armed with my phone and mum wrapped up warm, we spent our time being creatively filled'

The talent of the artists were amazing and it is so good to see so many unused buildings and neglected spaces turned into 'street galleries', 

not only brightening up the area but also showcasing the talent that is within the local community and around the world.

The organisation that made this happen is called The Real Art of Street Art - founded in 2011 they provide 'legal walls' in Camden for street artists to show their work providing opportunities for them to paint legally.

I was lucky enough to meet Street Artist Mr Cenz in action as he put the finishing touches on his amazing piece, and he has quite a few paintings around Camden that I have been admiring.
Mr Cenz taking a moment to say hi

Facebook - Mrcenz

Mr Cenz getting back to work

Check out his website and take a look at his amazing talent!

It is definitely worth taking time out to pay Camden a visit, and with the Stables and Camden Lock it is quite a tourist magnet.

The Real Art of Street Art openly welcomes you to request your own wall, and will link to artists on their facebook page.  

If you get a chance, come to Camden and take a look at the amazing artwork that is popping up all over the community.  

To find out about the work of the artists shown and to see some more amazing street art by some of the other artists check out The Real Art of Street Art  facebook page


  • If you come across any amazing Street Art do share and let me know what you are up to creatively.  Stay blessed and be a blessing!


  1. Hi Amanda .. what fantastic photos - so pleased you had that time with your mother, the weather was kind and you were able to take these wonderful shots ... then the artists .. so so clever and creative ...

    Clever and a delight to see ... cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary, It was really great to connect with the artist. The work around Camden is truly amazing and is really brightening up areas and bringing communities together - great talking points!


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