Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Creative Expression - Identity - Mixed Media

I have been experimenting and working steadily in the studio, which I realize I have not shared yet.  I am still settling in creatively, stretching my wings and finding where I feel comfortable but also pushing myself to find the uncomfortable a place to dwell, as that is where some of the growth takes place.

Trying something different enables you to see what can be an inspiration and lead you on a road that you never though you would travel.

I find working with textures, clay, and fabric opening up areas of creativity that I had never thought of and I am enjoying the process.  I am still drawing, sketching, journalling and trying out oh so many different techniques, there isn't enough hours in the day unfortunately, cause I enjoy them all, and why not?

This piece represents for me the idea that we can forget who we are, our dreams, our goals, our desires.  The same people that wore so many labels, called by so many different names, but the very truth to our existence lost under stuff, under activities, responsibilities, untruths, deceptions under-valuing our lives as we fight for a sense of who we are.

I have more work to share, excited as I also have some pieces of art at a couple of galleries here in Barbados, and will also teaching online and would love it if you came and joined me.

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  1. You're in Barbados! We never got to meet. I'll look you up the next time I'm there. Love this piece.


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