Saturday 7 May 2016

Recycled Project - Supplies Storage Container from Toilet Roll Tube

Welcome to Creating on a Budget, a look at ways in which you can create fun, stylish things using recycled materials.

Today I want to show you the storage container that I created using the inner cardboard of the toilet rolls.  Toilet rolls tubes are something we normally toss into the recycling bin, but they have a wealth of things that they can be used for and today I will show you one of those things.

If you need a flexible storage solution - I am always looking for things that help me organize my studio space.  I find there are specific tools that I want to have at hand without having to put them away in draws, and then spend time looking for them when I need them.  I found that creating this storage container, it provided with the much needed tool that could be hung and out of the way or placed on the desk space.  Check out the video to see more of it in action.

So for something that would be discarded, you can find greater use with just a little bit of imagination.

I really enjoy having the storage container as it can be hung and out of the way as well as being placed on the desk.  There is a space for everything and everything in it's place

It is time to look at recycling in a different way, there is so many space and money saving things that can be done or created with recycled products, there is no limit with a little bit of imagination.

Come back and see what other ways in which we can use recycled products.

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