Thursday, 26 May 2016

Book Festival, 1000 year old tree and Dementia Talk - What a week!

It has been a very busy week for me and I am quite amazed at how quickly the time has gone

Had a friend stay from Jamaica, A-dZiko Simba Gegele the author of All Over Again. She was running a few workshops as part of Bim Literary Festival and Book Fair 

Here she is talking about her book and inspiration:

There were also some great authors over the course of the week for the festival.  One person on the lineup was one of my favorites Paula Marshall and I have practically everyone of her books (I guess I am a big fan!)

We went to see one of the oldest trees in Barbados, the Baobab Tree 90 feet high and 81 feet  around its circumference - it is amazing!

It is know as the Tree of Life and has so many healthy benefits and is being called a superfood as it is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thiamin, fibre and vitamin B6.

The fruit is thought to also to have more than double the antioxidants per gram of goji berries and more than blueberries and pomegranates combined.

New shoots

Flower of the Baobab tree

On top of that,  I was also asked to do be on a panel doing a talk about dementia to Theology students at Codrington College  I spoke on how we can change our perspective when thinking about dementia.  I looked at ways in which individuals could find similar emotional experiences to better relate to the emotional expressions of someone living with dementia.

It was a beautiful venue

and so peaceful....

I am so thankful for so many things.  I want to also encourage those of you  who are at the point of stepping out into unknown territory to make that step.  We are not promised tomorrow and just have to have courage to do those things that can bless others and ultimately bless us as well.

Taking a stroll

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  1. Hi Amanda - what a wonderful place Codrington College appears to be ... just lovely. So pleased you are spreading your wings and nurturing other carers ... Lovely to join in with other authors ..

    While the Baobab reminds me of Africa ... and that one is enormous ... Tree of Life Indeed - cheers Hilary


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