Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mixed Media Art Painting Giveaway - We all need someone to lean on

Art Giveaway - We all need a friend to lean on

 Ok I am part of the #1min1take Video Challenge and I have decided to do an Art giveaway.  My target for the challenge is to complete at least 60 videos of 1 minute to encourage you, inspire you and hopefully bless you in the process with different conversations.  

#1min1take video challenge

Some of the videos call you to answer some tough questions, others to think about your creativity and life.  In a few of the videos I will be sharing what I am doing either in the studio or on my travels in Barbados.

I created this piece of art recently and it was so much fun.  I thought I would share the process with you below.

It began its life as a piece of cardboard I had recycled and added collage and layers of paint.  It has some great texture on it with modelling paste and stencils.

Once I had decided on the base image I start filling in with gesso

And then adding some of the colors to give me a general ideas of the overall color of the painting.

I start to add some background and continue to work on the images,  You can see some of the modelling paste highlighted by gold on the painting.

A bird friend comes along and makes home with our two ladies.  Up until this point our main character is day dreaming lost in her own world.

And then she opens her eyes to the birdsong with a knowing look in her eye.

Mixed Media Art on Card 6 x 8 inches  - We all need a shoulder to lean on - 

Do you want to win this painting? then hop over to my YouTube Channel and leave a comment on the video above. 

Check out some of the other videos in the #1min1take challenge as I will be doing additional Art giveaways, and showing you art techniques and tutorials, why not subscribe while your there and click notifications so that you will know when a new video comes out.

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