Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Toilet Roll Journal 2 - 31 Creative things to do with Recycled materials

So you got some more toilet rolls hanging around, lets see what else you can do with them.....simple...create another journal, a bigger one this time!

Toilet Roll Journal 2

Recycled Journal

In 31 Creative things to do with Recycled materials I have been showing you different things that I have made that you can try for yourself or a project with children, as a gift, that can impact where you live, your environment and more - you know it!

This journal came about in a very similar way to the Journal I showed you yesterday and you can see just how I put it together HERE.

On the front of the journal you can see that I used Quinoa to decorate the front, again using something that you may have in your home supplies that you might ordinarily throw away. Think about the different things that you have that can create texture or add something different to your project.

Front Detail - Toilet roll journal

back detail - Toilet Roll Journal

These pages were constructed differently to yesterdays one and I made it slightly bigger, and enabling me to increase the size of the tags that I made.  If you want to see how this one was made you can check out the post HERE

I think that these journals are so cute, remember if you are using foodstuffs to varnish it and seal it in well.  If you can come up with alternative uses why not leave a comment, let me know how you get on.

I will doing an ‘All About Journals’ Challenge on my YouTube channel where I show you how you can make your own journals from recycled materials such as catalogs - you can see what I did with a John Lewis Catalog, old books, and more – whether you are re-purposing, reusing or altering, you can make something that is unique to you. Sign up to my mailing list HERE and you will be notified when the videos go live.

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