Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Are you UP for a Challenge a Course or BOTH!

Alright the One BADASS Art Journal course started last week, how did you get on.  if you haven't yet signed up there is still time to jump in to have some fun.  We are only on week two and there is plenty of time for you to get on with the amazing lessons by the great lineup of teachers, and we have had a couple of great lessons so far.


This was a great way to kick start your creativity and to show you that it only takes 10 minutes, you deserve that.

We got to the end of the 10 days, time always seems to pass so quickly. I will be posting about the images separately, but how did you get on?  I will also be putting together a PDF booklet so that you can have, and if you are subscribed to my mailing list you will be able to get access to a range of other creative goodies as well.

I am currently taking part in the video challenge which runs for 5 days, so you will be blessed with a range of videos that I will be sharing about the creative process, asking those questions that helps you get unstuck, you can play along in your art journal and write out the answers and create some images that mean something to you.  I will be announcing some giveaways, showing you some quick and easy art techniques that you can try.

Introduction to the #1min1take video challenge

Act of Kindness and Art Giveaway!

I will share with you how this painting came about.  Watch and comment on the videos on my YouTube Channel to see what other giveaways I will be announcing.

Be great if you join in, let me know what you are inspired to do, take the time out for you and make this year your best creative year yet!

Remember to stay blessed and be a blessing!

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