Sunday, 28 April 2019

Realityarts Podcast - Weekly Episodes 73 and 74

Welcome to the episodes for this week on Realityarts Podcast, It is a pleasure being your host for the show, I am thankful that I am able to share and blessed when you have listened and manage to get a nugget or two to take away.

On Monday's Episode - The Writing is on the Wall we talked about the way that we look at time, and after much is spent, that which is wasted will not be refunded.  Do you have regrets about things you did in your life, and how can you change your perspective about them?

Our word for Friday's Inspirational Shorts is Comfort.  Do we settle rather than getting out of the comfort zone and into something that will challenge us?  What does the word 'comfort' conjure up for you?

Thank you to those who listen to the podcast from all over the world we are glad to have you with us.

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Thank you in advance and stay blessed and be a blessing.

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