Wednesday 27 March 2024

Creative Garden Expansion - Budget-Friendly Garden Projects


I've embarked on a new garden project, and while it feels a bit overwhelming, I'm embracing the challenge. Despite working on a tight budget, I've gathered some helpful tips over time for gardening economically.

Gardening isn't just a hobby; it's a therapeutic journey that occasionally presents the daunting task of starting from scratch. To tackle this, I've learned to break projects into smaller tasks and celebrate each milestone.

Creating a beautiful garden doesn't always demand a large bank balance. In fact, some of the most satisfying transformations can be accomplished on a limited budget. Let's explore some cost-effective ways to enhance your garden:
  • Repurpose and Upcycle: Before rushing to the store for new pots or garden decor, take a look around your home for items that can be repurposed. Old buckets, tin cans, or wooden crates can be transformed into planters with a fresh coat of paint. Get creative with unconventional containers to add character to your garden while saving money.

  • Propagate Plants: Instead of splurging on new plants, why not propagate your existing ones? Many plants, such as succulents, herbs, and certain flowers, can be easily propagated from cuttings or seeds. Not only does this save money, but it also allows you to expand your garden while fostering a deeper connection with your plants.

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So, come and join me in the garden I will be taking small and steady steps to achieve what I imagine in this new space. Happy gardening!

Monday 25 March 2024

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Compassion

Come and join me in the Arts and Wellness Cafe

In our creative journey, it's crucial to approach ourselves and our projects with a compassionate mindset. Here are three ways we can infuse compassion into our creative endeavors:

Investing in Ourselves with Value

Education plays an important role in our growth, and investing in our own learning demonstrates self-worth. There are many programs and resources available that can accommodate different financial circumstances.  These include: bursaries, sponsorships, skills exchange and more,  By valuing our own growth, we communicate to others that we prioritize self-improvement.  Check out the Art Resource Hub for a range of opportunities listed every month. Learn More

Embracing Diverse Sources of Inspiration

Compassion towards ourselves involves recognizing the many influences that shape our creativity. While mentors within our field are invaluable, we can also find inspiration from diverse sources beyond our immediate discipline. Whether it's learning productivity techniques or wisdom from authors and their autobiographies, each resource contributes to our development. Embracing these varied influences honors our individual journey and encourages a compassionate approach to self-growth.

Encouraging Experimentation and Interpretation

Compassion in creativity extends to embracing experimentation and personal interpretation. As we learn techniques and skills, we allow ourselves the freedom to adapt and fosters a nurturing environment for growth, while sharing our experiences and encouraging others to explore their creative gifts and abilities.

I would love you to join me in the studio and check out the video where we look at some examples and additional ideas. Learn More

Before You Go:

Remember to enjoy the journey!

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Thursday 21 March 2024

Material Musings - Tips for your scrap fabrics


Welcome to Material Musings, in this video I share some ways that I use fabric scraps and create mini projects.  I show you some of the panels and wall hangings in progress, waiting for either some stitching, beading or to be added to another project.

I also share how I create these fun badges, they will either be placed on another project or can be used as a tag or in an art journal spread. I will be adding some more stitching to the pieces and maybe some beading to each of them.

How are you using your fabric scraps, or your supplies that you have neglected?

If you decide to create them, remember to share on IG and tag me @realityarts

Check in your own supplies to see what you have.  Here are some of the additional supplies that I used:

  • Brads -
  • Hot Glue Gun -
  • Embroidery Thead -
  • Ribbon -
  • Fabric panels (available in different colors) - and check out -

Have fun!

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Friday 15 March 2024

5 Ways to Prepare your Art Journal for Creative Play

Arts Journal play, 5 Ways to Prepare your Art Journal for Creative Play

One of the most exciting things that I have found when using an art journaling is the creative play that it encourages. There are many different ways that you can use your art journal and a few ways to prepare your journal that will help you to avoid the roadblocks that can often come when doing anything creative. I cover some of the ways in the video and here are a few additional suggestions to help you get started:

Gather Your Materials
Before you begin, gather all the art supplies you might want to use - and use what you have (you don't have to have specialist equipment, or journals - if a composition notebook is what you have, then use that, or make your own)  Check out my YouTube Playlist on creating a variety of different Art Journal and pages.  

You can also include paints, markers, pens, collage materials, stamps, stencils, and anything else that inspires you. Having everything within reach will make the process smoother and more enjoyable.  I have a monthly free digital download that you can use for collage material in your Art Journal, you can access it in my Art Resource Hub.

Set the Mood
Create a comfortable and inspiring space to work in. Play your favorite music, light some candles, or surround yourself with plants and artwork that uplift you. The right atmosphere can help get your creative juices flowing.

Prep Your Pages
Consider prepping some of your journal pages in advance. You could paint backgrounds with different colors, textures, or patterns, or even add a layer of gesso to prime the pages for mixed media. Having a variety of backgrounds ready to go can jumpstart your creativity.  If I have extra paint on my pallet from doing a particular project, I will apply the excess to the pages of my art journal.

Embrace Mistakes
Remember that your art journal is a space for experimentation and self-expression. Don't be afraid to try new techniques, and don't compare yourself to anyone else. Embrace the imperfections and let them guide you towards unexpected artistic discoveries.

Start with a Prompt
If you're feeling stuck, consider starting with a prompt to kickstart your creativity. This could be a word, a quote, a color scheme, or a theme that speaks to you. Let the prompt guide your artistic exploration and see where it takes you.  
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By preparing your art journal for creative play in these ways, you'll be ready to dive into a world of endless possibilities and artistic freedom. Join our online art community and share what you have been doing in your art journal

Enjoy the process and let your imagination soar!

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