Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Kenneth Lloyd Trought
1926 - 1992

Even though its been nearly 18 years since my father died I still miss him.  There were so many things I wanted him to share and to see.  In my 20's I didn't appreciate or have the maturity to understand why he did the things that he did, how hard it can be to bring up children and all the lessons I have learnt over the 14 years of my sons life. 

I would have loved him to share the many highs and lows that I have been though over the 18 years -  walk me down the aisle on my wedding day, to meet my son (his first grandchild) and laugh at his humour, to tell him how much I appreciated everything he tried to do, and how many of the sayings that he use to tell us as children I now say to my child -  "looks like you want to learn the hard way", "I wasn't born yesterday!" and many others.  I would like to show my father that I am following my creative dreams and most of all that I loved him. 

To all those fathers out there full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding - we want thank you for your sensitivity, your strength, your laughter and love.

Me as an 8 year old in my favourite top


  1. Amanda,

    I love these photos of your father. They are so precious. Thank you for sharing them with us. And is that you as a little girl? How beautiful you are. I feel your love for your father and know in my heart he is so proud of you for all that you are doing and creating in life. Thank you for sharing this moment and your story with us, your love for your father, and his love for you.

    Thinking of you and your family on Father's Day.


  2. Beautiful tribute to your father Amanda. Surely he is watching over you and your family. Love the last picture. Is it you as a girl? So cute.

    Happy Day to you!

  3. Powerful, powerful. I miss my Dad, too. Last month I visited the cementary where my father is resting. There were so many fathers, being visited by their children and wifes. Bless all the children in the world who are longing for their dads. This was nice piece!

  4. What a Beautiful Post! I am glad I stopped by as we are connected on Blogfrog too. Happy SITS Day!


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