Sunday, 6 June 2010

Winged Thoughts - I am an artist

From one of the pages of my journal I look at the way ideas are formed and how being that they are so delicate we have to use wisdom.  In the depths of my heart creative dreams are calling me to take notice.  With all the distractions its quite easy not to take notice of our ideas.  I explored the areas that I wanted to work in, things I wanted to try.  How many times were you told you couldn't do something or you shouldn't try something?  I've just recently started the Kelly Rae Roberts ecourse, and just been reading her blog entry on facing our fears. its amazing to look back on this now and think about the fears I had when I did this journal page and the growth thats come later on.  I have named and shamed the fears.

In 12 hours I will be winging my way to Gjovik in Norway for a 4 day conference - sharing and learning from others who come from all over Europe who have an interest in colour research.  I have been taking little steps that have led me to this point and as I face my insecurities, I'll soar like the eagle and I will be able to look down on the fears and insecurities. I know that I will come back enriched from the experience, and welcome the numerous experiences and blessings yet to come.

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