Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Feeling - Expect the Unexpected

My motto for next week is - Expect the Unexpected!  I took a moment out to reflect on the week,  quite a few things happened and it's funny that once you start writing about it you realise how much you actually got done.  I was able to take some much needed time out today do some writing, stopped for a cappuccino and this is what I got a giant cup that you had to hold with both hands.... Massimo! 

I saw an unexpected sight around 40 horses being led trotting though a street in Hampstead, we had to pull our cars over and by the time I realised what was happening, thought to myself this would make a great picture and got out my camera, they were passing me and I only caught the backside of them.

This is the third week that I have been posting the 365 days of colour (here is an extra one for you today). Some of my assumptions I had about the project were proved wrong, but it is interesting how we can allow negative thoughts to sway our decisions and our creative outputs.
After the first week I had some doubts about what I thought I was doing....  I had few responses to what I was posting and I felt the doubt creeping in - that perhaps I should have made it something else, thoughts raced through my mind....(challenges usually involved other people and if no one was commenting, no one was interested).  As the week went on I started to get a few responses from fellow bloggers, it was a blessing to read their comments of encouragement. 

I had momentarily loss sight of the real reason I started and it was to share my love for colour and flowers, and some of the wonderful quotes and scriptures that have blessed me, if other people commented that was an added blessing.  It was supposed to be about giving and the knowledge that in 365 days someone somewhere around the world will have been touched by an image they have seen or a quote/scripture they have read.  The added benefits are that there will be growth, just as in the many challenges we take part in we hope that part of us takes some learning from it.  I can definitely say that the challenges I have done so far have made an impact on my work and  I look forward to seeing how this personal challenge will impact on me, if only one person is blessed it's worth it.  I will create a badge and your welcome to add it to your site and start sharing some of your flower photographs and if you want to share your favorite quotes and scriptures please do.

I also gave a talk on my experience as a carer to a group doing their MA in social work.  I was also able to show some of the creative tools I use in my work and how simple things like a journal made from recycled materials can enable a carer to start expressing their experience and impact on their health and well-being.

If you are interested in further information about art and health I manage a Arts in Health NHS network of resource information and regularly update it with information and events that I come across that relates to this area.

Alan's book launch was a success, It is his second book called EKidz in Cyberspace, published and available from Tate Publishing and Amazon

There were lots of interesting questions asked about the process of writing the book.  The message of Internet safety for young people is an important one that Alan tackles.  I will be interviewing him to find out about his motivation and passion for writing and hopefully have a competition to win a copy of his book, in the meantime check out his website

Sekani, our son played piano with a friend called Steve Green a very talented musician but who also designs bespoke jewellery and this is just a small fraction of his talent.  He will be working on his website and you'll be able to see some of his work soon. 
We're hoping that Sekani will finish the rest of his songs and make an album here is a snippet of Sekani and Steve playing while there was a refreshment break, (please forgive the zooming in and out and the shaking by yours truly, it gets better half way through)!

My mother enjoyed the event, there were lots of helpful young men who kept mum occupied while I took some of the photographs, this is us on the way back home, Alan is driving!

Sekani  finished his exams this week (Yay), he's been doing his GCSEs, like a lot of young people at the moment.  It has been quite a stressful month now we just wait for the exam results - he will be 16 years old this year (doesn't time fly, I still keep thinking back to when he was a cute, hold your hand and smother you with kisses and hugs little boy (he was 3 in this picture and I used to wear my hair short then..... am I getting old!))

This was taken in Barbados

Managed to get a couple of walks in, another one of our local parks which is lovely, there are so many other walkers and joggers, I managed to do 1.4 miles - 2 laps, which I will increase next week... small steps to a fitter me!.

 I did the outer route

In closing, as I  reflect on the week I have a strong desire to get things finished, a few things in the air and there needs to be closure in order to move on to the next experience, opportunity and adventure.  Perhaps it's time to have a clear out... you never know when something totally unexpected will happen.  Stay blessed!
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