Monday, 26 September 2011

Football at every turn!

Summer’s come to an end and the past few days have given us some hazy sunshine - Indian Summer I've heard, though we are having some rain today. The kids have been back at school for a few weeks now and with this brings the after-school and weekend activities that  require us to ferry them back and forth.  We've had unexpected growth in our house that produced an extra inch in my son's height, arms and feet and we are having to shop in the mens department to fit his 5ft 10 frame.  With all this training he has been doing these past few weeks we expect further growth and another trip to the store to buy some bigger sizes. 

I do marvel at the changes that are taking place literally before my eyes.  I posted a while back on how he is growing up so fast and is no longer the sweet little boy who used to want to hold my hand as part of the A-Z challenge called Growing

He has been attending training every week and wants to push this up to two – school work permitting and has also been doing his weights at home. 

Warm up before the game

Discovering he can watch American football on channel four and Sky sports one opened up another dimension, and he has been pre-recording the 1am programme to watch at his leisure.  We now have both Sekani with his  American Football and Alan not only watching English football on the tv he is also coaching 2 times a week for Aslan Football Club   – with the football season started August you can imagine what ‘joy!’ it has been in our house with cheers, roars and ‘yes’s’ with almost 24 hours of sports on the go!  I suppose I’ll have to get some ear plugs or schedule my creative walks and do some more photography, which isn’t a bad thing I guess....

Sekani played in a match on Saturday at Crystal Palace Stadium, there were lots of other tournaments going on from teams up and down the country.  They had to meet up at 7am kicking off around 10am and me and Alan were at the sidelines cheering him on till around 5pm.  I have a confession to make... I never thought it would be quite as exciting seeing them play, If I knew the rules I guess I would be better placed to know what was going on....Sekani said he will teach me, took lots of pictures and here is him in the throws of play - number 47.  (You hear me shouting in the background before I drop my phone).

and here as he attempts to block another player....

All in all I am not totally converted, but I might even be able to watch a game or two as I take a break from my art corner

If you can't beat them join them!


  1. Hi Amanda .. I'm not even sure I could manage being sociable into September even if my hubby and son were into football of any sort - it's all too too too much!!!!! Sekani looks like he's enjoying it though and fully committed ...

    Good luck to you!!! Cheers Hilary

  2. Hilary, Its taking a lot of mind power on my part, its great to see him enthusiastic about something that will improve his health despite the bruises!:)


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