Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Visit to Kew Gardens

Went on a trip to Kew Gardens recently for my birthday, we were blessed with a hot and sunny day, with a cool breeze attached. It’s a place that I always wanted to visit, but for some reason known only to the dark corners of my mind I chose not to, giving up some reason that doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, my son agreed to come along with me, which was a shock and I waited as we walked through the grounds for him to tell me how bored he was and when were we going to leave..... He is at the age where going out with your parents for some reason isn’t ‘cool’ ‘Do you have to laugh so loud he pleads on occasion with me?’, there is an increased list of things parents do that embarrass them.

Sekani laughed at me as I went from plant to plant, showing my excitement, it was equally as enjoyable having him accompany me, and I threw smug glances at other adults who would look at him. He allowed his interest to remain throughout the long walks, my photograph taking and excitement at the close up pictures I was getting, I was proud to have him on the trip.

We went on the Xstrata Treetops Walkway the view from the tree top walks were amazing and looking down through the grating extremely scary, but if you don’t look down it’s fine we got an amazing view of the grounds.

We also visited the Palm House – and saw all the tropical plants, Princess of Wales Conservatory which had a variety of plants, the Japanese Gateway and Pagoda.

There were not as many flowers as I had expected, probably due to the season, but it was still a feast for the eyes and the rose garden and palm house held some delightful blooms. 

We stopped off for a snack, recharging our batteries and off we went again, there were some things that I thought could have been better thought out, like signage around the grounds, and the Marine life seemed a bit sad and poorly maintained.

There was so much to see, in the 4 hours we had (it closed at 6pm) we still only saw a fraction.  I think you need a whole day to get round everything and have the necessary stops in between.  All in all an enjoyable trip was had by all, and I would definitely go again. 

This is him at the end of the day all walked out just before the the park closed at 6pm.
If you have not yet been you should definitely put this on your ‘to do’ list.  If you have been what was your favourite part?


  1. Hi Amanda .. sounds like you had a wonderful memorable birthday .. isn't that great that your son enjoyed himself and was as interested as you.

    I must come up and go round .. I'm not sure I've ever been - I hate to admit!! However I'd feel like plopping down at the end of the walk around.

    Cheers - love your views and tour you gave us .. and the pics (don't forget those!!) .. Hilary

  2. The only Kew Gardens I ever visited is the one near Flushing, N.Y. so I enjoyed the more famous one you featured here.
    Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  3. Hilary, thanks for stopping by, I was indeed tired by the end of our visit, and it was an enjoyable time well spent.

    Anthony, I'd love to go to the one in NY, might put that on the list of 'to do's'


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