Friday, 7 October 2011

Picture of the Week - Our 8 legged friends.....

There seemed to be an increase in our friends who have decided to take over the garden with all this warm weather we have had during the week.  This one decided to weave its' web across most of garden, had to relocate it 3 times but it kept coming back to the same spot.  I had never seen one being made before!



  1. Hi Amanda .. and they'll be clambering to get in soon .. and there will be lots of babies around .. I had a couple of hatchings in the other house and couldn't believe how many tiny eight legged creatures were walking my kitchen!! Constant supply .. a bit like turning the tap on - except I couldn't turn it off - well that's what it seemed like.

    They are real crafters aren't they - creatures of special interest .. amazing - enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  2. Hilary, thanks for the heads up, but I think they got there before you, we've been finding the little offspring all over the place! Got me some conkers, apparently they don't like the smell...we'll see how that works

  3. Hi Amanda .. We had conker trees at home - two big ones and a few smaller ones .. the kids from the village used to come and raid them - it was the high flying time for conkers!

    My father then decided to give the village conker trees to surround their green - the trees are still there .. village commons are an amazing legacy the Medievals left us.

    It can be quite 'dangerous' - worse if they've been soaked in vinegar to harden up ... still fun though - kids are so protected now. God knows how our hands aren't pierced through .. with the skewers we used to puncture the hole! The world championships were cancelled this year - due to high wind?!

    Cheers and enjoy your mini tournament .. I love the smoothness of them .. good art project I think .. - Hilary

    PS have you seen Scarlett's blog? - her son has Cockayne's disease .. but she does wonders ...


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