Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Picture of the Week - Spread your wings....

This little beauty landed on the hinge of our conservatory door, it was taking in the last of the suns rays, and showing off its colouring.  What projects do you have that you need to get off the ground?  Are you ready to spread your wings?


  1. Hi Amanda .. there are a few butterflies around .. and they are so exquisitely beautiful ..

    Lots of ideas - just need to get on with all things .. winter draws in though! Cheers for now .. hibernating would be good?! No - too much to live for .. Hilary

  2. Amazingly captured.....this little splendidly coloured flying beauty can drive your imaginations wild. Good Job....... For people who wish to capture the beauty around in their cameras, TF offers a perfect platform to showcase their talent. Be it photography, painting, singing or dancing, TF offers every artist with a great opportunity to showcase his/her natural artistic abilities.


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