Sunday, 5 February 2012

Massage - Pamper yourself!

                                                                               Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Spent some time on me last week out of the busy schedule and had a massage.  It was so nice to be able to stop for an hour and just relax and think!  When was the last time you spent some time on you?

I have been going to a delightful massage therapist called Emi Hojo for around a year - off and on.  She is welcoming, encouraging and having studied massage myself, she definitely has a great technique.  For such a small woman she can definitely work those knots and unworked muscles and give you a great deep tissue treatment.

                                                                                   Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I had promised myself last year that I would have a regular massage each month, but good intentions gave way to neglect and then the thought of 'you couldn't possibly spend time on yourself what are you thinking'.

With 3 months of challenges behind me and ones that are continuing I was reminded that it is the small things that you do on a regular basis that will improve your health and well-being, so going for a walk for 20 minutes, spending time creating and getting a massage on a regular basis as well as anything else that can improve your fitness will have an overall positive effect.  I definitely recommend  Emi, take a look at her website Rikyu Health and Beauty, and think about treating yourself, you won't be disappointed. After the treatment I lay listening to the bird song and waves in the dimly lit room, and after dressing was given a delicious rose tea to send me on my way.
    Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
As well as the monthly things you can do for 'you' think of the daily activities you can treat yourself to that do not cost anything.  You can go sit in your local park, wander round an art shop or gallery, go to a cafe, soak in the bath with your favourite products....the list is endless  With February being a short month think of other ways you can incorporate a 'just for you' activity on a daily basis and enjoy the end results

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