Monday, 30 January 2012

Photographing Art work - Clearing the Clutter Challenge Day 30

This has been quite a month of photographing, writing and posting and still catching up, and one of the major tasks I have been putting off is taking new photographs of art work and uploading them on the website.  I have many pieces of art work and crafts for sale and the only thing holding me back at the moment is how they are presented.   Decided to take a bit of time on this and next week it will be on the top of my list and I will give myself the time and space to focus.  

Started the course Hello Soul Hello Business earlier this month and it is really getting us to think about the what and the why of our businesses, and I have gained new insight into where I want it to go.  In February I will be taking a break from the 30 day challenges, life can sometimes be one big challenge and need to just consolidate everything else that I am doing and get down to the meat of the course, and follow up on some of the things I unearthed over the past few months....also want to get back to some journalling, have been doing some as I have been clearing the clutter, will be sharing some of the pages soon.

I also want to play around with some digital art, itching to start doing some work from Susan Tuttles book - Digital Expressions to see what I come up with.  So with this it's good bye January, and hello February! Do share what will be new for you in February?  Do you have a course or book you want to try?


  1. It is great to see your name today! I look forward to your photos and thoughts.

    I need to finish a quilted wall hanging for my daughter soon. Also need to make a baby quilt for my other daughter who will know if baby girl or boy in a few days.

    Then, I want...too much to do, so little time.

  2. Amanda, much to do. I checked out your blog and noted your artistic side. Was it there before? Good work, I'll be checking it out more.

  3. Susan, long are a real encouragement. Would love to see the wall hanging for your new grandchild, another blessing! You'll make the time I know it!

    Peaches thanks for stopping by, yes I have the other blog to show my art work and the works in progress here, don't get to update as much as I would like but working on it!


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