Monday, 2 January 2012

Clothes that don't Fit - Clearing the Clutter Challenge - Day 2

Why is it that we hold on to clothes that don't fit, with the promise of one day wearing them...or is it just me?
I have told myself over the years that I would slim down and get myself into these clothes again, and I've come to the conclusion that while I am getting fitter and loosing weight something still has to go, and there needs to be a closing date.  When I looked at some of the styles I realised that it was the fabric I liked so rather than keep it as the original item I would re-purpose it. I've been getting quite attached to making journals and book binding, been inspired by some of Donna Downey's collection.  Others clothes I've packed for charity.  Looking back on some of the pieces the clothes reminded me of the summers I spent seemingly without a care in the world, not imagining my life years later, or the responsibilities I would have - perhaps I am hankering after that care free life again... perhaps it will come in a different form.

 What are you holding on to that doesn't quite fit?

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