Thursday 5 January 2012

Clearing the Clutter - 30 days of change

I am trying to make myself more accountable in clearing my clutter and working on the little hoarder within me that loves to gather - I meant collector! The Try Something new challenge for this month is definitely testing me to the limits!

I am a collector of things that serve a purpose, or will do some day.  I realise my dad was a 'collector' of power tools, DIY equipment.  I had thought I kept but a few of his keepsakes  but the more I look around my collections I find more things that used to belong to him, some of which are tools I use now in my mixed media (so thanks dad - holding on to them did serve a purpose!).

Much to my protests, my son is showing tendencies, though he doesn't seem as discerning as I would hope and he is on my list of areas to deal with - I guess most parents can relate to the messy teenagers room, not sure if he will let me do a before picture - I still keep threatening to put a photo up on face book!

I often find myself watching the programme called Hoarders.  What pricked my interest was the 'Hoarder specialist' talking about the attachments that the individual had to a range of different things, and that many of the things were kept to fill an emotional hole, but for some the more they collected the bigger the hole became. I guess my attachments are my reminders of my past, or a memory, and as we reflect on them we can choose to hold on or let go.

I have made a list of the areas that I will be covering over the next 30 days.  I realise that some of these areas will take longer than 30 days as the aim is to clear them rather than just throwing one item my 3 draw filing cabinet will more than likely take a bit longer, but the idea is to make a dent, to see what has to be done, make a note and if necessary come back. Some of the things on the list include sorting emails, and poetry. I have written poetry for years, and they have stayed in books gathering dust, it's time to either show them the light or move on.

Here are my 30 tasks....

1.    Sort the contents of my hand bag/s
2.    Clothes that don’t fit
3.    Tatty un-wearable clothes
4.    Old makeup/products
5.    Old jewellery
6.    Recycled Paper/Shredding
7.    Old paints not used
8.    Shoes
9.    Fabric
10. Paper/card
11. Filing cabinet
12. Ephemera
13. News paper/ Magazine cuttings
14. Computer photos
15. Emails
16. Books on shelves
17. Recycled painted materials
18. Old bags not used
19. Poetry to sort
20. Pod casts recorded
21. Rubber Stamps in draws
22. Pencils/graphite/charcoals
23. Stored frames and unused art material
24. Magazine subscriptions
25. Typing to be done
26. Freezer
27. Garden – weeding/cutting back and pruning
28. My sons room!!!!
29. Garden picking up leaves from palm trees – recycling
30. Photography – art work

As I look down the list I can see already there are some things that I have an emotional attachment to and I might find that I start delay tactics in an area that I don't want to delve further in, perhaps each area reveals something that I wanted to subconsciously keep hidden.  I am seeing it as a journey, learn something new not only about myself, but about my space.  I am not an expert, I have read a lot of books on organising, which always seems easier when your doing it for other people, but there is no attachments.  So as I pull back my sleeves and don my 'I mean business face' and recycle, repurpose and give to charity I am going to expose, reveal, renew and regain my space as a place of peace, tranquillity, and most of all creativity.   What areas of your life will you be reclaiming this month?


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  2. Quite a collection. It's nice how we think we'll always go back and use them even if five years slip by. My partner keeps my hoarding in check.

  3. My best friend and I always say that if we spent as much time creating art as we spend organizing and reorganizing we would accomplish quite a bit. There is something about wanting a place for everything and everything in its place. I feel where you are going Amanda. Have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

  4. Peaches, been finding the challenge a challenge, In the process of sharing some pictures as well! My husband tries to get rid of stuff and hopes that I won't notice, but its always the way that the one thing he put in the shed is the very thing you are looking for, he knows now not to attempt to touch, but still has a moan now and then:)

    Carol, Happy new year to you as well, you made me think about the creativity and I also don't want to feel that I am neglecting creating, so will journal how the process is making me feel as I go along. blessings to you!

  5. Brave girl; I need to face some of my
    art piles! You are not alone~
    Once we get through the mess, we will have more time to create!
    I love your list~

  6. Hey Ella, not sure what I let myself in for... want to try and get some creativity in there some how, with some art journalling about the experience, getting lost in the memories as I go through the list, hugs received with thanks xxxxx

  7. I need to do so the same thing. RRRRRRRRR

    Thank-you for sharing

  8. Thanks for the visit, lovely blog :)


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