Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Unwearable Clothes - Clearing the clutter challenge Day 3

I made the mistake of buying a cheap tracksuit recently, the lining inside is really soft and warm but within 3 days it was covered in bobbles.  I used to have a bobble trimmer - a battery operated machine that would cut the bobbles off but that was many moons ago.    After deciding to just wear the tracksuit around the house, I found myself dashing out into the light of day to quickly pick something up, and then wondered why people were looking at me oddly.  This happened recently here.  The task of removing unwearable clothes was slightly easier, although hanging on to something that makes you feel comfortable can be good.  Change comes in all shapes and sizes and we need to be treating ourselves with care.  If we are seeking comfort perhaps looking at the reasons why these feelings have come up and how we can make sure we address them needs to be the next step.  

What ways do you show yourself you care about you?

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