Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Clearing The Clutter Challenge - Day 11 - The Filing Cabinet

The filing cabinet is hidden behind the plastic containers, this whole area will be getting an overhaul

The Filing cabinet is a Big Job.  There are 3 draws filled to capacity and I will need to go through each section and get new file holders, get rid of files that don’t need to be there.  I know that this was an area not for one day, but probably one week if not more.  To start with I got plastic wallets and will look through files to see what could be dumped. I will also make sure that all loose filing is put away.  I also found whilst going through the in-tray work that needed to be actioned, so will spend time doing this as well.  It can be difficult not to drown in paper, there are some things you need to hold on to because of the legal requirements, and most people keep their certificates from birth, graduation etc.  With the inside of the cabinets sorted the outside would also be great to change, and rather than the black wood to have some sort of design on them.  Mandy P from Fabric Paper Glue has a great design that she put on one of her cabinets and also check out her pinterest for more great ideas, if your looking for a tutorial on how to change the look of your cabinets heres a handy one at Piccadilly Market .

With the new technology it would be great to see how effective having everything computerised, but then you wouldn't have all that lovely ephemera to work with??  How long do you hold on to your paper work?


  1. I relate to your comment about drowning in paper. January is clean out month for me too. This month I eliminated a full bin of stuff I have been keeping (no clue that I even had it) for decades. My new rule is, if the information might be available online - chuck it out. Tax and important docs - 7 years.

  2. I am a former cluttered person and have found several online services veyr useful. Pinterest - stops me from keeping too many magazines, and evernote, which means i can photo things and store them online, as well as save websites and articles I like. My boss, who is a successful minimalist uses an online accounting service and scans all his receipts and uploads them, so he can throw them away. and he has a virtually paper free office. I am getting much much more ruthless about what to keep and what not to keep

  3. Tobi good rule thought I might start to put some things on disk and store them virtually!

    Paper free office, sounds great, I too am finding Pinterest a great source and storage of all the things I like having around without having to physically have them.


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