Sunday, 1 January 2012

What's in the Bag? - Clearing the Clutter Challenge - Day 1

Thought I would start with clearing out my bag as a challenge, I take my bag/s with me most places and I usually chuck most things in it and end up with a lot of ‘just in case’ items, then have to use move every thing to a bigger bag.  These are the three I have been carrying around at the same time, each with a set of different items,


I realised when I really looked at the contents I was also carrying around quite a few non essential items, and that the bags didn't reflect my personality.  

I’ve taken to carrying things just in case and I realised it was time for a clear out as I couldn't always find what I wanted. 

My son does a very good take of me looking for something in my bag and he always shows me as rummaging with my head down. I realised that alongside what I call my 'hand bag' I was carrying additional bags for those oh so essential items.  A clear out came at the right time, I don't think I'll ever be a small bag carrier and will just make a point of carrying what I need in future. When I get to the sorting bags challenge I might have to loose these three.   If you carry a bag, what does the contents say about you?

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