Wednesday 4 January 2012

It's a New Day!

Went for my first walk of the year today, around my local park near my son’s school.  Didn’t see all the usual faces that would silently make their way round, lost in their own thoughts and plans for the rest of the day, perhaps the cold kept them away.

I was last here in around October 2011 which is when I started walking in my neighbourhood It was great to see the changes that take place as the seasons pass, the borders waiting to be planted.

and the last of the berries yet to be eaten

I love their colours

I wasn’t prepared to my legs itching as they did.  Why does it happen when you haven’t walked for a while that intense feeling starts under the skin and if you make the mistake of itching then it gets worse and almost drives you crazy, as it intensifies if you walk, but you need to walk to get to your destination.  I was half way round the park today when it started, I guess that’s what you get for neglecting yourself to the indulgences of the festive season – it has only been a couple of weeks, so back on tract for January!

There is so much to be inspired by, saw this jogger, made me laugh as he reminded me of spider man in his - specially designed material to keep out the cold! (he managed to lap me 2 times - ok... it was 3 times - he was running very fast in his ergonomically designed all in one body suit :), but made me want to renew my walking as it does allow me space to think, and in these busy times we have make the most of it. 

Earlier this week encouraged by Ella’s post I checked out Ann Voskamp and her book 1000 gifts.  

Thinking about things that I am grateful for and how I might express this creatively using mixed media and photography – will be giving it some more thought over the coming week..  

But for now...I love trees and birds serenading me with their song while the fresh crisp breeze brushes against my cheeks... (I feel a poem coming on) .... What are you grateful for today?



  1. Amanda, I too need to start walking again despite the cold. I understand completely when you wrote, "it [walking] does allow me space to think, and in these busy times we have make the most of it." Thanks for the inspiration.
    (What kind of tree is that with the 'balls' hanging on it?)
    Sometimes I think the itchy skin comes from the cold, dry air. Very annoying.

    2 Encourage

  2. I will digout my trainers tomorrow morning. This looks too wonderful.I wish you happiness and even more creativity this year Amanda.

  3. Pam, over the christmas I missed walking, think cabin fever set in, its amazing how much can be undone by inactivity. I think the tree is a horse chestnut, it will be great to hear of your adventures when you start walking.

    Wendy, great to hear, lets see some of your pictures of your neighbourhood while your at it, I have loved seeing the differences as the season changes:)

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I need to read more of it, but it is so beautiful and filled with looking at things in a poetic way!

    Wow, that is something, seeing someone like that, makes me want to run!

    I hope you enjoy the book! We will have to share. I have a lot of photos to take ;D

  5. Hey Ella, your photos are something that I really look forward to seeing, such an inspiration, we will indeed have to share.xx

  6. Beautiful images captured on your walk!

  7. Mandolin, I have to constantly remind myself to be observant, often the things that will bless us the most are the things that pass us by unnoticed.


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