Tuesday 10 July 2012

52 Weeks of Colour

Since completing the 365 days of colour I have missed posting the images.  I am still coming across some beautiful flowers and taking photographs.  I  wanted to try my hand at combining images and using photo-shop, and so I decided that I will continue with a weekly offering of an image with an inspired word added to the mix.

I will be posting on Mondays so you can carry the blessings with you throughout the week. I hope it does continue to bless you over the next year, and that we see much creative growth and development.  


  1. you really should be proud of your photo accomplishment. wow a whole year. i hope more projects can come from those lovely floral pictures. have a nice day!

    1. Kelly it really has been a great experience and being able to improve on my techniques and just pay attention to more of the smaller things. You have a great day as well.

  2. I've always had an affinity for flowers, despite being forced to weed my mother's rose bed as a kid.

    However, aside from smelling and looking upon them these days, I am pretty much relegated to looking at photos of them as they cross my path (like yours). Good job.

    By the way, my fiance draws flowers so I get to see my share around here.

  3. Kelly, I am very proud, came a long way from the first photo I put up. Looking forward to the next year of colour and what will come out of it!

    Jeremy many thanks for stopping by, you are double blessed for having so much colour around you, and great creative stimuli


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