Monday, 9 July 2012

Tuesday Feeling - to be or not to be

We ended last week with some sunshine amidst the downpour which for July seems to be a common occurance.  Our summers have changed over the years, and we see the changes in the climate in other countries and the unusual weather they have been happening.  I have been spending more time in the garden, pottering around 'weather permitting' and decided to grow some cherries,  it would seem as if I have 3 growing strong, I'll do my best to protect them from the slugs and snails that frequent the garden.

After some lovely scented flowers, my young Honeysuckle plant seems a bit poorly, have to keep an eye on it, be grateful for any advice for the yellowing and, dropping leaves.

Every time I open a fruit or vegetable I have been saving the seeds to plant to see what will grow,  this is my latest - squash, I think this was meant to be...!

I've also tried to grow some, apples and pears - not sure that the weather is warm enough for these but worth a try, alongside some pulses that I sprouted - the black beans seem to be coming up quite well and I will transfer them in a few weeks.

I have made an effort to improve my diet and have been eating more pulses and salads.  I will be sharing some of the recipes   I did a butterbean casserole  and today I will be doing a recipe that uses aduke beans.  I have also brought some split peas, lentils, and a whole range of other beans to try.  If you make enough you can freeze them and be able to have a readymade snack as and when you want.  Let me know what your favourite recipe is.

My son went to his prom and here he is all done up in his suit and his patent leather black shoes!  He had a great time, there were all dressed up and polished as they danced the evening away.
Last but not least I forgot to share the biggest news, which actually happened on the 5th May.

I became a Grandmother!  Say hello to Malakai Dominic William Springer.  I was initially not wanting to be called grandmother and searched for examples of words used in other cultures – maw maw, numa, nana, and the rest, feeling that the term was mostly associated with old people.  I felt I didn’t qualify!.....and so couldn’t embrace the word...... but with maturity comes understanding.  Grandparents should be elevated as there is so much wisdom that they have, many of the lessons that my mother taught me now have stood me in good stead as an adult, and I pass the wisdom down to my son.

 Malikai is definitely a bundle of joy!


  1. lovely pictures. thanks for sharing.

  2. Enjoy him, he's so precious. I've never had the joy of nurturing a grandone. Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations on your new grandbaby. Love the pictures.

  4. Michelle, many thanks for stopping by.

    Carol, will do, he changes every day!

    Jo, thank you!


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