Friday 22 June 2012

The Week that was....

I have had a busy couple of weeks,  It is still wet and windy here in London,  but luckily every now and then the rays of sunshine continue to tease us of pastures filled with palm trees, the rushing back and forth of the waves and the soft sand between our the meantime its a toss up of deciding whether or not to dig out my winter wear and thick socks.  The garden is picking up and the Arboriculturist are trimming the trees outside the house which makes them look slightly bare at the moment.  
The neighbours cat still seems smitten with my garden and just comes over and sits on an old chair at the back of the garden sunning himself.  He still has an expression of disdain as if I have interrupted an important meeting.
I have been doing a mixed bag of things this week, alongside work. I love being in the studio, and  I have been working on some of the sessions in the 21 Secrets and will be sharing some of the art that I have been doing.  
After coming to the end of the 365 days of colour, I celebrated with having a massage.  I will be doing another challenge and be sharing some of the digital art work that I have been doing with my photography.  I will also be contributing to Motley Soul and Mika's Create in Faith Group we share our faith, our creativity and so much more!  Here is a page from my prayer journal.
Health wise, started doing some walking again, I also came across nutritionalist Daphne Cohn and I am taking part in her challenge.  She has a range of recipes that she will send you and they are delicious. I made one this week using the following:  
Handful of spinach, 5 x cabbage leaf, Half iceberg lettuce, Nob of ginger, Cup of water, 2 bananas, 1 pear, Fruit sweetener
All of this made 1.5 litres primarily because of the fruits and especially the lettuce is 70% water.  Daphne has got a 10 day challenge going where she sends you ideas and advice for a variety of green smoothies.  

Last week I gave a talk to a group of social workers about my role as a carer and was able to use some creative exercises to enable them to look at how they relate to different issues in their own life and the experiences that a carer can feel, it was interesting to be on the other side of the coin and get a different perspective of my role through their eyes and talk about the role in a positive light. I will be doing more talks and sharing some of the creative tools I have been using.
Our City of London Festival officially begins this weekend and there are over 100 events running until 27th July, I am hoping to go to a few and will share any pictures I take. The fun starts tomorrow with a tour of the Bank of England, and on Sunday running until 13th July - there will be 50 Street pianos just waiting to be played at a variety of locations around London.  

And finally, my son has finished his exams - a big WELL DONE goes out to him, routines have changed and there is now talk of learning to drive and A'Levels which he will be pursuing in September.  He has his Prom dance next week and went out and got a suit, he looks so mature in it, and has grown a bit bigger and currently towers over me at around 6ft 2.  Time has flown indeed.... 

Hope you have a blessed weekend!


  1. Love your art work with faces. I've been working on trees, but plan to work with some of all the faces I have plans to put into quilts. Be blessed.

  2. Hilary Melton-Butcher blogged about the gold exhibition at Goldsmith's Hall. If I were in London, I couldn't bear to miss that, sounds fabulous.

  3. Love this post! Well done to your son and I so hope he had a wonderful time at the Prom! Your art is wonderful...I look forward to hearing more. Every time I hear about the Olympics on TV, I smile and think of YOU~ @>-----

    Your visiting furry friend must love your gorgeous blooms~

    Sorry, to hear about needing thick socks. I'll shared my heat with is suppose to be 97 again, this week...ick! :D

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  5. Carol, thank you, be great to see them.

    Jo, does sound good!

    Ella, many thanks he had a great time at the prom, thanks for the heat:)

  6. Your life is as busy as ever! Your son is already at that point in his life! Can't our children slow down just a bit?

  7. Definitely, what an excellent site and also informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your site. Have a great awsome day!

  8. Susan, great you could stop by. Yes still seems like only yesterday, he'll be starting his A levels soon!


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