Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gratitudes - Walking

.......helps to clear my head and get new perspectives, it is also great to
see how the environment 
changes from one day to the next.

With everything we do we have the ability to touch others lives, 
a very special responsibility that we cannot take lightly.  
Whenever you can, take a moment to really appreciate 
the little things in the big picture.  

It would be great to hear about the things that you are grateful for, 
how they have changed your life and 
how they inspire you to change the lives of others....


  1. I used to see a man sitting by a police station all the time. Actually, he was always squatting.

    After a few months, I finally had to ask him what was up.

    He advised that by just squatting there daily he knew nearly everything that went on inside the police department from overhearing myriad conversations.

    He also gave me great advice as concerns walking. Most of us walk with a narrow perspective. He advised to look peripherally and towards the horizon.

    You'd be amazed at what you'd see!

  2. Jeremy, some very wise words there!


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