Wednesday 11 July 2012


What is it that you are thankful for?  Where would you begin?

The Friday gratitude’s posts will be my way of taking a minute to be thankful, whether it be for a particular art material or that the sun came out today, being able to take a breath and smell the roses or that my mum had a restful sleep.  I was originally inspired by Ann Voskamp and her book 1000 gifts.  

With everything we do we have the ability to touch others lives, a very special responsibility that we cannot take lightly.  Whenever you can, take a moment to really appreciate the little things in the big picture.  

It would be great to hear about the things that you are grateful for, how they have changed your life and how they inspire you to change the lives of others. 


  1. I am grateful for a multitude of things; I would need an entire volume of books to list all that I'm grateful for. But at this very instant I am so, so, grateful for the internet. I live on it and in particular I am very grateful that I'm understanding how to use Blogspot better today. Today I discovered that I could add a little Blogspot widget of blogs that I want to keep an eye on (can you believe it's taken me this long to figure that out). So far I have three blogs on my list and your blog is one of them...and so part of the reason why I am grateful for the internet is that it contains ways and means to keep in touch with wonderful people like you Amanda. Much love and stay blessed. Linda X

  2. Bless you Linda, it has truely been a blessing connecting with you, you are so encouraging and are a mighty powerhouse of creative inspiration!


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