Friday, 14 March 2014

Gratitudes's and Celebrations - Week 36 - Shine

Gratitude and Celebration
Your spirit shines
When you enter a room something happens, the particles of energy that collide with your energy begin to vibrate and a spark is lit.......

We have all been created to interact with each other, to collaborate, support and encourage.  That spark within that lights up a room, shifts the energy and inspires, we all have it whether you have realised it or not, you matter.  

Have you experienced the times when you have impacted positively on a situation or circumstance.  Imagine what a blessing you could be if you used your talents, gifts and abilities and shone that light in the lives of others.

I celebrate and I am grateful for the Holy Spirit which lives within me, a gift from God.  How will you let your Spirit shine?

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