Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Memories of Home - Reflections

Last week saw the last of my series 'Memories of Home'  I had made a series of houses, some made from card and others created on wood.  It was a great way to look back at childhood memories and share some of them.  My son also got to see another side of the child I used to be.  

Each week I took a word which would be the starting point to launch from and I shared a memory, some of them had been long forgotten.  

I enjoyed sharing the memories, some of which were of times me and my brother had spent on our adventures as children, thinking about him and the good times though still difficult at times seem to lessen the sting of his passing.  Speaking about him some how keeps his memory alive and feels right, I can't believe at times that he is gone.

When my dad died mum would speak of how they met and how she secretly liked him all along, I found that even after 20 years of him not being with us I still felt the emotional pain.  
The more she talked about him the more I remembered and it didn't hurt so much.  I still wish he could have seen his grand children and that they could have had more time together.

Now I have finished the series I have been thinking what to do with the houses and want to turn the into some form of book, along with the memories shared and can be passed down to grandchildren and be the stories that are shared and not forgotten -  I will let you know how I get on.

I encourage you to take the time to reflect back on your own memories, you might find that they might hold the key to moving forward. 
Wooden house collage
One of the wooden houses that I made inspired by a class on Soul food opened up a whole new set of possibilities, I didn't realized how much I liked working with wood and hope to do more pieces.

As I made the houses I found I related to them more, and each began to mean more to me and became more a part of me and my stories.

I have found Memories of home has been a way to capture some of my stories, the ones that had been forgotten, and as we get older and family get together's fall to the wayside it has also been extremely important to me as my mothers memory diminishes.  What experiences and memories have you been capturing and what special ways have you been able to share them?


  1. Hi Amanda .. so lovely that you were able to share these times with your mother and find some stories she wanted to share with you. It was something I didn't do with my mother - but that's fine we had plenty of other routes to go .. just not the personal stuff ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary, it is so important to share these times, I wish I did it sooner, and will make sure that I document them in a way that future generations can also read.


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